Santander and MIT offer 400 scholarships for courses on blockchain and other technologies

Scholarship offered by a bank in the „Bolsas Santander Tec“ program will cover all the costs of vocational courses.

Those who wish to learn about blockchain technology can apply for one of the 400 scholarships that the bank intends to distribute through the „Bolsas Santander Tec“ vocational education programme.

According to the program, anyone between 20 and 35 years old can participate in the selection of scholarships for Santander. In addition, the courses are aimed at both university students and people who have already completed undergraduate and/or graduate studies.

Thus, in total, there will be eight weeks of classes taught online by MIT Professional Education. With applications open until 30 December 2020, the results of the Santander Tec Scholarship will be announced on 14 January 2021.

Blockchain Technology Course

Blockchain technology will be the subject of a vocational course offered by Santander and MIT called „Blockchain: Breaking Technology“. In total, students can choose from four courses to apply for the scholarship program.

If selected, students may take the course free of charge, as Santander Tec Scholarships guarantees the enrolment of the selected student in the program. Composed by two selection phases, those interested in the Santander programme will be initially evaluated through the student’s profile.

In addition, the bank must consider gender and geographical diversity to choose those selected for vocational courses. According to the scholarship description, the result of the first phase will be released on January 14, 2021.

The description of the course „Blockchain: Technological Breakthrough“ shows that students should learn about exchanges, bitcoin supersplit, governance and contracts related to „tokenization“ of assets.

Santander Scholarship Registration

With applications open since 20 October 2020, the „Bolsas Santander Tec“ programme will receive applications until the end of the year. In addition to students from Brazil, the programme aims to include students from twelve other countries:

  • Germany
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Uruguay

In this way, classes will be given in three languages, such as Portuguese, Spanish and English. Shortly after 14 January 2020, pre-selected students will be evaluated in the second phase of the Santander Scholarship programme.

Therefore, only after the second phase will students be awarded the scholarship that can guarantee a place in the MIT blockchain technology course.

Google and Microsoft

Besides Santander, Google and Microsoft have a program that offers courses on blockchain technology, known as „I train“. Also with free registration, currently Eu Capacito has two courses on blockchain technology.

One of the courses is considered advanced and has 100 hours of classes on blockchain technology. In this case, students should learn more about the „technology that gives life to Bitcoin“.

Thus, in one of the courses the student can learn how to elaborate intelligent contracts (smart contracts) through blockchain technology. In addition to this technology, Eu Capacito has courses in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Parallel Realities.

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