Bitcoin again over $19,000 – which areas are now crucial

Bitcoin again over $19,000 – which areas are now crucial

Bitcoin is once again trading over $19,000 as this is a crucial level for the crypto currency that the cops have been trying to convert into support.
It remains unclear whether BTC will be able to establish meaningful support at this level.
The selling pressure in this area has proved to be considerable in the past and could continue to hinder growth.
The next market trends will probably still depend on whether or not BTC can recover above its all-time high of $19,800.
Whether or not Bitcoin will be able to gain a foothold in Bitcoin Trader this price region should provide serious guidance as to where it will develop next.
One analyst also believes that a breach above $19,400 this weekend could mean that a move to new highs is imminent.

Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole have seen some consolidation in recent days.

The selling pressure, which has been evident after each rally to all-time highs, has been intense and has triggered several sell-offs.

Bitcoin has reached several higher lows and shows no intense signs of weakness.

One trader now notes that a breakthrough above $19,400 could be all that the crypto currency needs to recover to new all-time highs.

Bitcoin is currently quoted at a price of 19,150 dollars. This is roughly the range in which it has been traded in recent days.

Today’s recapture of the $19,000 level is positive, as it suggests that the crypto currency could see serious upside in the near future.

Whether or not it can gain a strong foothold above this region should give some serious insight into its medium-term prospects.

Trader: Breakthrough above $19,400 could lead to serious upswing

A trader writes in a tweet that he is looking for a short-term breakthrough above $19,400.

He claims that this will allow the crypto to set new all-time highs, as this is now the last resistance level before $20,000.

„Bitcoin: And since $19,400 and $19,150 were rejected, the low was tested in the $18,500 range, which was tweeted yesterday. All fine, rangebound constructions continue. Breaking $19,400 = new ATH. Losing $18,500 = probably $16K tests.“

The overall market development in the coming days and weeks will probably depend on Bitcoin’s further reaction to the two price levels mentioned above.

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